When I conceived of this website, I imagined a place for missives to a city in need. I didn’t know exactly what that might look like. (I still don’t.) But I know that this letter — an honest and urgent call from white parents to regional school leaders to act for a more inclusive, equitable educational landscape for our region — is exactly what I had in mind.

“We are a group of parents who are unsatisfied with St. Louis’s status quo. We know that there is a lot to love about our city. And yet, we are deeply concerned with the persistence and pervasiveness of our racial inequities, with our deliberate and enduring segregation, with our dysfunctional hyper-fragmentation, and with our inveterate resistance – both cultural and institutional – to investing in a future that serves more people well.”

The letter a living document that gains power through your action. Here are ways I hope you will amplify its message and add your voice.

  • Support the letter as a parent, educator, or community member if you believe our region and our children are better served when more schools deepen and broaden their commitment to equity.
  • Share this letter with family members, friends, and colleagues, and especially with the educators in your life, telling them why it matters to you.
  • Follow up with a conversation. You can use the letter as a reference or guide.
  • Ask school leaders to share their specific commitments to equity with their community and region.
  • Consult our resources section to learn more about or get involved with local efforts to promote equity in education.
  • Connect with others at your school, whether through an existing group or a new one, and keep the conversation going.
  • Hold school leaders accountable for taking action toward equity and inclusion within their schools.
  • Attend board meetings. For public school parents, consider reading this letter at a meeting. Other parents, send a copy of the letter to your school’s board or governing body. Ask new school board and leadership candidates to comment publicly on this letter and their own commitment to equity.
  • If you are an alum of a regional school, share this letter with current administrators. Perhaps reflect on your experience as a student at their school to shed light on why it matters to you.